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Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar Joint Program Committee
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Data Science/Predictive Analytics Council
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Dynamic Risk Modeling Committee
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Employer Advisory Council
Employer Outreach Committee
Enterprise Risk Management Education Joint CAS/SOA Program Committee
ERM Liaison to AAA ERM Task Force
ERM Liaison to AAA Property/Casualty Financial Soundness/Risk Management
ERM Liaison to AAA Risk Management and Solvency
ERM Liaison to Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA)
ERM Liaison to CFA Institute
ERM Liaison to Conference of Consulting Actuaries (CCA)
ERM Liaison to Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
ERM Liaison to Global ERM Designation
ERM Liaison to Institute of Actuaries in Australia
ERM Liaison to National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
ERM Liaison to Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA)
ERM Liaison to Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc. (RIMS)
ERM Liaison to Risk Management Section Council
ERM Liaison to Risk Management Section Newsletter
ERM Liaison to Risk Management Section Research Team
ERM Liaison to Risk Management Section Web Site
Examination Committee
Executive Council
Finance Committee
Financial Reporting and Analysis Committee
Financial Reporting Subcommittee
Future Actuary Editorial Board
GIRO Liaison
Hachemeister and Michelbacher Prizes Committee
Health Care Issues Committee
HPL Exposure Working Party
ICA 2014 Organizing Committee
iCAS Leadership Advisory Council
In Focus Seminar Planning Committee
Inflation Sensitive Exposure Bases Working Party
Innovation Council Advisory Panel
Innovation Council Ambassadors
Innovation Council Project Leaders
Interactive Online Education Committee
Internal Data Exploration and Analytics Task Force
International Actuarial Association Council
International Actuarial Association Delegates Committee
International Actuarial Association Response Committee
International Ambassador - Asia Regional
International Ambassador - India
International Ambassador - Korea
International Ambassador - Latin America
International Ambassador - Malaysia
International Ambassador - Singapore
International Ambassadors and Representatives (Topical)
International Ambassadors, Liaisons, and Representatives (Geographical)
International CE/CPD Review Committee
International Leadership Committee
International Liaison - China
International Member Services Committee
International Speaker Coordination Committee
International Speaker Panel
Intro to R Development Team
Investment Committee
Joint CAS/SOA Committee on Career Encouragement and Actuarial Diversity
Joint Exam Administration Committee
JRMS Council Call for Essays
JSM CAS Call for Presentations Task Force
Latin America Regional Committee
Leadership Development Committee
Liaison - Institute of Actuaries (UK) General Insurance Practice Executive Comm
Liaison - SOA Education & Exam Mgmt.
Liaison Representative Math Assoc. of America
Liaison to AAA Committee on Qualifications
Liaison to AAA Council on Professionalism
Liaison to AICPCU and CPCU
Liaison to China Association of Actuaries
Liaison to CIA Accreditation Committee
Liaison to Institute of Actuaries of Australia
Liaison to the Conference of Consulting Actuaries' VP of Continuing Education
Liaison to the Inst. of Actuaries/Faculty of Actuaries Future Education Strategy
Liaison to the International Association of Black Actuaries
Liaison-SOA Knowledge Extension Research
Limited Attendance Seminar Planning Committee
Malaysia Workshop Committee
Member Advisory Panel
Member Advisory Panel Committee
Microinsurance Working Party
Monograph Editorial Board
New Members Committee
Nominating Committee
Online Services Committee (COOS)
Open-Source Software Committee
Optimal Reinsurance in Several Layers Working Party
P&C Focused ERM Seminars Committee
Periodicals Editorial Board
Planning Advisory Committee
Predictive Analytics in Capital Modeling Working Party
Professionalism Education Committee (COPE)
Professionalism Policy Review Council
Program Planning Committee
Public Relations Advisory Committee
Publications Management Board
Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar Planning Committee
Ratemaking Committee
Reinsurance Research Committee
Reinsurance Seminar Joint Program Committee
Rep Joint Committee Code Professionalism Conduct
Research Grants Task Force
Research Oversight Committee
Reserves Committee
Risk Management Committee
Risk-Based Capital (RBC) Dependencies and Calibration Subcommittee
Special Appointments
Special Interests Sections
Statements of Principles Task Force
Strategic Review of CAS Literature Advisory Panel
Strategic Review of CAS Literature Task Force
Sustainable ERM Working Party
Syllabus and Examination Committee
Theory of Risk Committee
Underwriting Collaboration Seminar Planning Committee
University Engagement Committee
University Liaisons
Valuation Topics Subcommittee
Variance Editorial Board
Vital Stats Task Force
Volunteer Resources Committee (COVR)
Webinar Committee
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